A very ignorant comment my friend

Religionism is a failure of intellect yet intellectual giants like Johannes Kepler (who gave you the law of planetary motions), Isaac Newton, Galelei Galileo (who expanded your understanding of the solar system), John Napier (mathematical logarithms), Johannes Guntenberg (the printing press) were all committed Christians...and that is mentioning a few

Civilisation would be better off without it yet universities are a Christian concept, the most popular ones Oxford, Havard, Bologna, Princeton were all founded on the basis of Christianity. What about sign language? Kindergarten? Braille? Double entry accounting? All Christian innovations. Hinduism and Islam gave you the numbering system you use today and the algebraic method in maths.

Further, Christians and Jews accounted for 82% of Nobel prize winners within its first 100 years. Atheists and agnostics a paltry 7%.

Given the discovery and innovation Christianity has brought into civilisation as well as the men of intellect who have held to the Christian faith, you now see why I call your comment very ignorant?

Until your intellect has produced a fraction of what these Christian minds have produced you have no basis to call religionism a failure of intellect.

God bless



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A.B. Melchizedek

Crusader for the truth of the gospel and the logical coherence within the context of the scriptural worldview.