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6 min readDec 28, 2023
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Is there a point to this article? or to any article on the Israel Hamas conflict at this time? Possibly not because for all the Piers Morgan interviews, college protests, London Marches and UN resolutions, Israel has continued to do what it needs to do to preserve its nation. For all the smear campaigns and condemnations against Israel it, with laser focus keeps on keeping on, sticking to its goal of obliterating HAMAS.

Why after all should it listen to the UN whose UNRWA has been actively involved, and the videos abound on Twitter (or X), in teaching Jew hatred to young Palestinian kids? The same UN which could not pass a resolution to condemn HAMAS for its attack on October 7th. Why should it listen to college protests when presidents of top colleges have openly and with grins plastered across their faces stated that it is not against their school policy for genocide against the Jews to be called for on their campuses ? Why should it listen to the pro Palestine activists on Piers Morgan’s shows when they are very much aware of HAMAS’ stated goals and intention of wiping out Israel as a nation as well as all Jews from the face of the earth yet are deafeningly silent about it? Some (if not all) of the pro-Palestinian guests on the show would agree with such a goal on the basis of the Hadith and the Quran which inspires HAMAS’ charter and based upon which HAMAS itself says it is acting. Why then should Israel take them even remotely seriously?

Further proof of the fact most pro Palestinian guests on Piers’ show agree with HAMAS in wiping out Israel is their almost pre-rehearsed and eerily uniform refusal to condemn HAMAS unequivocally. Responses to the question have ranged from an outright denial that events that HAMAS put out before our very eyes and celebrated in the streets of Gaza ever occurred (like the disgusting Dilly Hussain and the Moronic Mohammed “Can I suck your wife’s tits to make her maram?” Hijab, actual tweet from this 2-dollar thug), to a flat out refusal to condemn them at all. Even the guests who condemn HAMAS only do so in order to entitle them to spend the rest of the show criticising Israel, there is no genuine empathy for the civilians of Israel or the damage inflicted by October 7th. These are the ones that say very stupid things like, “the attacks did not happen in a vacuum” or “What do you expect oppressed people living in an open air prison to do?”.

Let us focus on this for a minute. I am willing to grant the whole fabricated and baseless main stream narrative that Palestine was this peaceful and lovely civilisation which flourished for many years before the evil Jews came and kicked everybody out in order to take their land. All of this is cow dung by the way, there is no such thing as “indigenous Palestinians”, just “Arabs” and the so called “expulsion” was because Arab states who waged war on Israel told Arabs in the region to leave because they were going to annihilate Israel. The Arabs could then come back afterwards and claim their land but the Arabs failed spectacularly and the displaced Arabs now had nowhere to return to since they had lost the war. This is the true story of the “Nakba”. Never mind that Israel for the sake of peace have accepted far less than was rightfully theirs under the original mandate for Palestine after the fall of the Ottoman Empire, the whole of Jordan was taken from them and they did not fight over it. Never mind that the same IDF which is being excoriated globally in 2005 forcefully evicted all Jews from the Gaza Strip in the interest of peace. Never mind that the “From the river to the sea” chant implies that Israel would be nowhere to be found on the map.

But I digress, I grant their very fanciful version of events where big bad Israel, that tiny speck of Land in the middle east, kicked Palestinians out of their land for no good reason.

Question is, how would all of this justify October the 7th? Innocent civilians gunned down in their houses and cars, concert goers shot at random and kidnapped, all of this filmed for the world to see by the perpetrators. Okay fine, I am in a generous mood, I am willing to allow the killing of the innocent civilians as part of protest and retaliation. But how do you explain the hostages and the rapes? How does raping innocent women advance the cause of the struggle? Under what circumstances would it be okay to kill innocents and rape women?

I have heard it said that we pretend this all started on October 7th, except we really are not doing so! There is no conceivable justification for that kind of barbaric behaviour and it is precisely that behaviour that has brought the hell the same people who celebrated October 7th both in Gaza and worldwide are now crying about! There is no possible context that justifies killing and rape of innocent civilians.

“Mother! Mother! I killed 10 Jews with my hands!” was the excited phone call one of the perpetrators made to his family as his emotional parents were praying for him and exuding pride at this laudable accomplishment (who needs to invent a cure for cancer when you could just kill 10 Jews instead?). This is the mentality of the people the world wants Israel to live side by side with? A territory where children grew up watching “Pioneers of tomorrow”, a show where characters like “Farfour the Mouse” (who in this kids show ends up being beaten to death by a Jew) teach children to despise, hate and kill Jews and to wage Jihad until Islam rules the entire world.

Truth is the moral judgment call is not half as difficult as the media and the pro-Palestine guests on Piers’ show want to make us believe it is. One side, HAMAS, wants the other side, Israel, wiped off the face of the earth and have not only showed they are willing to do this with their actions on October 7th but proudly declared that they would do it again and again and again, the other side, Israel, owes a duty to its citizens and to ensure its nation is not wiped out. Yet, there is a context which somehow would put these two parties on roughly equal ground morally speaking?

Give me a break!

To contextualise October 7th whether in light of fabricated history or in light of living conditions in Gaza (brought about by HAMAS and their relentless cross border terrorist attacks on Israel), which HAMAS rather than spending international aid in bettering has used to build sophisticated terror tunnels and enrich its leaders, is to defend it, it is to say there are certain conditions which would make it a reasonable thing to do. To do this is to be a terrorist sympathizer.

Christ said, “He who is not with Me is against Me!” sometimes there really are just two sides to an issue and there is no room for philosophizing and nuance. October 7th is precisely one of those issues. Anyone who attempts to put it in some kind of context is justifying it. Anyone who does so is a terrorist sympathizer and that is that!

We mourn for the truly innocent (truly innocent because polls in Gaza as well as the triumphant videos we saw shows that most of them do support HAMAS and October the 7th) civilian deaths in Gaza however many they may be (I note that all we have on record regarding casualties are HAMAS figures), but their blood is on the hands of HAMAS who have radicalised their children, kept them impoverished, turned their territory into a terrorist base and now led them into an unwinnable war. Did not Ghazi Hamad, a HAMAS official say they are proud to sacrifice martyrs and they are a nation of martyrs?

Another question which has yet to be answered sensibly by any of the pro Palestine guests is “how else could Israel have responded when dealing with cowards who hide in civilian territories?”, the answer seems to be, “by folding their arms and doing nothing or better still by leaving the territory altogether”, the latter of which it seems is what they are really driving at but are too cowardly to say.

The same generation which looked at the Holocaust and said that it was a horrible thing and if they had existed in Nazi Germany they would have been the good guys secretly helping Jews or bravely speaking out against Nazism is the very same one chanting “From the river to the sea” in 2023 backing an organisation with the same goal as Nazi Germany.

Ironic isn’t it?



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