Fight Christianity? that's very funny my friend,

Emperor Nero was burning Christians and slaughtering them for sport and the only effect on Christianity is that it grew. Christians in certain countries of the world today are being persecuted non stop yet the faith keeps spreading like wildfire in those regions, that's the result of attempts to fight Christianity.

Destroy Christianity? Now that's even more hillarious. There are 2.38 billion Christians in the world as we speak. Christianity preceded you and it will be here long after you are gone my friend.

I will, however point out the very authoritarian and genocidal tendencies in your thinking. You "Loathe" , you want to "fight and destroy" an entire religion because it condemns your lifestyle choices. You and your community preach "love, acceptance and diversity", but you and majority of your community are willing to utterly annihilate everyone and everything that doesn't agree with you without thinking twice about it.

Well, good luck taking down Christianity and obliterating the Bible from society.

God bless you.



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A.B. Melchizedek

Crusader for the truth of the gospel and the logical coherence within the context of the scriptural worldview.