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The Islamic resistance force, better known by their “stage name”, HAMAS, sent out a Hajj message by its spokesman, Abu Ubaida, yesterday. It reads as follows:

We ask the pilgrims of the Masjid al-Haram to make special prayers for their brothers in Gaza and Palestine, and to remember Gaza and its patient and steadfast people during the pilgrimage rituals in these great and blessed moments.

While the pilgrims of God’s house are busy performing the Hajj rituals, we, on behalf of the great Muslim Ummah, are busy performing the duty of jihad against the enemies of God.

Operation Al-Aqsa Storm was organized to pave the ground for defending the third holiest site for Muslims, and that the pilgrimage rituals provide an opportunity to remind two billion Muslims of the reality of our war against the Zionist enemy; an enemy that desecrates the sanctuary of the Prophet of Islam and is constantly spreading corruption and promoting Judaization of Palestine.

A number of things to break down.

First, nobody can say with a straight face anymore that this war has nothing to do with religion. Note the wording of the message and in particular the following elements:

(i) The war is on behalf of the great MUSLIM Ummah

(ii) The reference to JIHAD against the enemies of God, which they see as a duty

(iii) AL-Aqsa flood (October 7th), was organised to defend the third holiest site for MUSLIMS

(iv) The ZIONIST ENEMY is one that desecrates the sanctuary of the PROPHET OF ISLAM


This is the same HAMAS that says Islam is its framework and its aim is to exterminate Jews and fight them until a tree calls out saying “Muslim there is a Jew behind me! come and kill him!”

Issue though is despite all of this clarity, HAMAS apologists in the west still do not get this. Now to be clear, there are HAMAS apologists who completely understand the backdrop and religious underpinnings of this war, they know fully well that elimination of the Jews is the goal. These HAMAS apologists are of the “evil” variety. I have nothing to say to people in that camp.

Then there are HAMAS apologists who are just plain ignorant and genuinely believe HAMAS are freedom fighters fighting against oppression. They genuinely believe Palestinians are being oppressed by Israel and that October 7th was a resistance fight in self defence. They cannot seem to understand what exactly HAMAS’ motives are even when HAMAS itself states them over and over again. So they have to reinterpret or “translate” whatever HAMAS says.

HAMAS says “we will cleanse palestinian land from the filth of the Jews!”, the HAMAS apologists say, “This is just about liberation from oppression”. HAMAS says “Buy knives and stab a Jew’s neck, how many Shekels does a knife cost?” (Actual quote from Fathi Hamad, HAMAS spokesman in Arabic), their apologists in the west say, “They just want to live in peace and harmony”.

Question is why though?

Answer? There is a somewhat arrogant frame of mind in the west. Again, it is natural to human beings and we all do it to some extent but it seems to be on a different plane in the west. This frame of mind is this, “everybody thinks like I do”. The west believes everybody else values the same things they do, they believe other cultures think like them. They seem to have no concept/appreciation of what motivates people of other cultures because those things would not motivate a western mind.

The ignorant HAMAS apologist needs to listen to HAMAS. Listen to what they say, listen to what their goals are, to what they dream of and what they are planning. The HAMAS apologist needs to understand the mind of a Jihadi.

The world as a whole and the media needs to talk more about the religious element to this conflict. There is a reason guests with Islamic sympathies (on Piers Morgan and other talk shows) seem to be on the pro-Palestine end of the spectrum and tend to either explicitly support HAMAS or refuse to unequivocally condemn them or even deny that atrocities were commited by HAMAS on October 7th altogether. HAMAS’ message yesterday shows it is not co-incidental.

Finally, there is a popular saying in the middle East, “After Saturday comes Sunday”. If you are interested in what that means, look it up but suffice it to say, if you believe that peace will flow like a river in the middle East and worldwide if Israel were to be wiped off the map today, you are heavily mistaken because “After Saturday comes Sunday”.



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