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2 min readJul 12, 2022


I greet you my friend, and thank you for your comments,

However, I think you have made a number of claims that have zero biblical basis. Where in Numbers 5 does it make reference to a baby or an abortion? You said the proof of unfaithfulness is an aborted foetus? Does it say the woman being tried for unfaithfulness has to be pregnant? on what basis do you then conclude that Yahweh, who told Jeremiah He knew him from his mother's womb is "PRO-ABORT"?

Exodus 21:22 from my reading of it denotes what it says, premature birth where no harm follows. I am very sceptical about your claims of how the Jews understand it because there is nothing in scripture to support that interpretation. Even if I concede that point, it still doesn't hold sway for reasons to be discussed below.

Secondly, Jews knew and practiced abortion. You know what else they practiced? Burning their children as an offering to Molech, worshipping the stars and moon as gods, homosexuality outside the temple...get the point? Jews practiced alot of things Yahweh did not endorse.

Thirdly, you said Jesus followed the law about abortion. What law did He follow? Numbers 5 you earlier quoted? Point me to one verse where Jesus followed abortion laws please. This again is a complete fabrication on your part. Now, I am willing to give the benefit of doubt. Maybe your point was that Jesus followed the law as a whole and that law included the verses you wrongly interpret to endorse abortion.

But you'd be wrong again because Jesus did not abide by the law according to the standards of the orthodox Jews. He healed on the Sabbath, touched lepers, defended His disciples who broke grain on the Sabbath, prevented the stoning of the woman caught in adultery under the law of Moses and stated that divorce under the law of Moses was a concession due to the Jews' hardened hearts, it was never God's idea.

So the rabbis you cite on abortion have as much authority as Joe blow down the street in terms of dictating what the Bible says on abortion and how Christians should view it. These were the same orthodox Jews Jesus was bashing on a daily basis (Matthew 23 for example).

Finally, we as Christians follow the scriptures, not extra Biblical texts, not rabbinical writings or Jewish practices because if Jewish practices were the perfect standard, there would not be endless scriptures on the prophets crying about how sinful they were and Nebuchadnezzar in fulfilment of the wrath of God would not have taken them captive.

Rabbinical writings are good for telling us the context of certain Jewish practices or the heated debates on the law going on at the time of Christ, but that is where it stops. It does not represent a moral code or an accurate exegesis of scripture or (as seen from Jesus' commentary on divorce) God's heart/intent.

God bless!



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