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NOTE: In context of this article, “Islamophobia” refers to a fear of or paranoia about the Islamic ideology not the colloquial definition of “fear, harassment or violence towards Muslims”, something which is already illegal (and rightly so) under UK laws.

Keir Starmer recently dropped by for a quick chat with his friend, the mayor of London, Sadiq Kahn, to wish him a happy Eid but not before an interesting discussion was raised by the former as one of the problems facing the UK right now, “Islamophobia” being on the rise, particularly since October 7th.

What is Islamophobia though? Fear of Islam you say? Right off the bat two things come to mind. First, why is Islam the one religion which has its own phobia attached to it? There are over 360 world religions, why is there no other religion which has a “phobia” attached to it? What is unique about this religion that makes people “phobia” it? Could it have something to do with the relentless terrorist attacks worldwide committed in the name of this religion? Could it have something to do with 9/11, the Manchester bombing and Charlie Hebdo? Could it have something to do with Al-Qaeda? Al-Shabab? Boko Haram? Fulani Herdsmen? ISIS? Could it have something to do with the Quran (Surah 9:29–30) and Hadith calling for the deaths of Infidels (i.e. people who do not believe in Islam)?

Secondly, a phobia is an irrational fear of something. Do people have a rational basis to be afraid of Islam as an ideology? As above, we have established that this ideology has a historical and consistent track record of inspiring terrorism across continents, countries and cultures. The uncanny consistency is almost mind boggling. The scream of “Allahu Akbar!” is almost synonymous with chaos, there is a reason for this. Bill Maher once divulged that whenever they have a show to make fun of Islam, they have to double security around the studio. Who would not after Charlie Hebdo? There is almost an unspoken rule that Islam is this one thing you do not speak against without some form of fear of jeopardy for your life. It is not unreasonable to fear whenever the ideology of Islam is involved.

But back to our friend Keir, who interestingly is drawing a leaf from CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) whose playbook is to hush any form of attention drawn to Islamic terrorist activity because “it could incite hatred against Muslims and endanger them”. The aim of this conditioning is to keep people silent on any connection between Islam and terrorism. Keir is worried about Islamophobia which increased since October 7th. The question though is why has there been a phobia of Islam since October 7th?

Is this because HAMAS is an Islamic organisation according to its charter with the goal of wiping our Jews in pursuance of the teachings of Muhammad in the Hadith? Is this because while all the plunder, violence and assault against Israeli civilians were being carried out, Gazan civilians were celebrating and screaming, “Allahu Akbar!”? Is this because there have been non stop volatile and incendiary pro-Palestine protests in London? And what about the anti-Semitism in these protests where Jihad flags are raised and a Jewish man was not allowed by the police to walk down a street because he was “openly Jewish”, could this be some reasons Islam is being “Phobed”?

Is this because the UK has seen Islamists like Dilly Hussain and the NHS doctor from Hizb tahrih defend HAMAS or deny its atrocities? Yet Muslims are the victims here, just like HAMAS says it is the victim.

There was also a cryptic moment where Keir Starmer says some things on social media are not regulated as robustly as they could and Sadiq Kahn is grateful for the fact Keir was a prosecutor so is aware of “strategies” to make people comply with the laws. Is this a cryptic allusion to outlawing or cracking down on criticism of Islam if the Labour party were to win the election?

Then Keir Starmer stated that Muslims in the UK make for a better UK. Now, I am sure there are peace loving Muslims doing their bit and contributing to the UK economy and making their living. However, there are also UK Muslim preachers like Muhammad Hijab and his good friend Ali Dawah advocating for child marriage, polygamy (even secret second and third wives) and chopping off the heads of apostates. We have Muhammad Hijab on record saying “P***ophil*a is relative” in his chat with Sneako on Aisha and Muhammad’s marriage. We have Ali Dawah saying, “We have Muslim sisters who love their sister, would take a bullet for their sister, but would not share their husbands with their sisters” thus grooming a young generation of girls to be open to giving their daughters in marriage at young ages and their own husbands having multiple wives/mistresses. Would this make for a better UK my dear Keir?

We have Ali Dawah putting it in people’s minds that apostates from Islam ought to be executed. We have areas of Bradford and London made a living hell for ex-Muslims, could it not be argued that people like Ali Dawah stoke the fires of hate and persecution of ex-Muslims in the UK? Yet Keir says it makes the UK better.

Not only that, we have speaker’s corner in London where a Christian was almost burned to death. A place where Hatun Tash has been stabbed, heckled, beaten and bloodied repeatedly while the police consistently arrest her rather than those who inflicted these injuries against her. Is this a better UK?

Then we have the infamous grooming gangs in the UK where the perpetrators had an eerily similar background and whose names tend to give away their affiliated ideology. Victims have reported having the Quran recited to them and being told they were put through these experiences specifically because they were non-Muslims. A better UK, my dear Keir?

Politicians would be politicians and they will always say what they need to say and do what they need to do in order to win elections. They are not exactly known for their moral fibre or consistency.

That said, a candidate’s attitude on Islam (or to use their terms Islamic extremism) should be a key factor in deciding who to vote for. In my view this is even more important than policies because if Islam does take over the UK, all the policies we are crying about would become irrelevant. The policy would be Shariah, the whole of the UK would be like those areas of Bradford and London which are mini-Shariah havens where police would not stand up because of fear of being labelled Islamophobic. And believe you me if Shariah takes over, you would not like their policies on religious freedom, tolerance and individual liberties.

For the record, I do not believe the UK would ever be 100% shariah compliant but this cocooning of Islam from criticism and scrutiny under the guise of “Islamophobia” is in the long run unhelpful and methinks my dear Keir would be very anti-criticism of Islam.

NOTE: In context of the above article, “Islamophobia” refers to a fear of or paranoia about the Islamic ideology not the colloquial definition of “fear, harassment or violence towards Muslims”, something which is already illegal (and rightly so) under UK laws.



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