My friend,

There is something about the way you speak I admire. You sound honest and I applaud that. Plus you could have easily interpreted my words maliciously and responded with insults but you didn't. I respect you and you are welcome to comment on my articles anytime.

That said, I think it's not correct to say Jesus did not accept the law uncritically. Jesus never criticised the law, neither did He "NOT ACCEPT" the law. On the contrary He never contradicted the law, If He did, the Pharisees who sought occasion against Him would have had Him stoned long before He got to the cross. The Pharisees had added a truckload of traditions to the law of Moses and this is what He was calling them out on in those verses you quoted. His point was that those traditions were making the law, which by the way He called "The word of God" (in those very Mark 7 and Matthew 15 verses you quoted), of no effect.

If Jesus, again based on the verses you quoted, believed the Old Testament law was the word of God then we have no reason to think He did not agree with the Leviticus homosexuality verse, mind you, the "love your neighbour as yourself" commandment is also from it's not an extrapolation, it's just scripture.

I believe you saying we don't know what Jesus said or didn't say about LGBT issues is a subtle way of saying He did not condemn it and if that is your case, I think the points in the article suffice to show that view is incompatible with not only the Jewish community in Jesus' day but the whole Bible as well(both Old and New Testaments)

If Christ not saying anything about things makes them okay, then we can make a case for absolutely anything under the sun which He never spoke about (bestiality, kidnapping, rape)...that's just terrible logic and a recipe for disaster. He had a context, the law of Moses established certain things in detail (including the bestiality, kidnapping and rape given as examples above) which there was no point in Him rehashing.

God bless



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A.B. Melchizedek

Crusader for the truth of the gospel and the logical coherence within the context of the scriptural worldview.