A.B. Melchizedek
2 min readMay 15, 2024


Okay so how self controlled was your prophet in the Hadith when he saw a woman walk by and got so horny that he had to quickly have sex with one of his wives?

How self controlled was your prophet when he married a six year old girl and had sex with her when she was nine years old?

How self controlled was your prophet when during fasting he would kiss and fondle Aisha as the Hadith says,

"Aishah narrated:
"The Messenger of Allah would fondle me while he was fasting, and he had the most control among you of his limb (li irbihi)."

(Jami ArTirmidhi 728)

Back then a nine year old could not have kids, just as they cannot now. Aisha had not even started her period when your prophet had sex with her...As a woman yourself would you have enjoyed a 52 year old man having sex with you at 9? Would you have been ready for pregnancy or motherhood at that age?

Even if it is what people were doing "back then", which is not true by the way, average age of marriage in the middle east back then according to studies is around 18...but even if everybody was marrying 9 year olds then, should the prophet who Surah 33:51 says is the perfect example to all of mankind not have set an example in condemning it?

And finally, you say women are treated nicely in Islam but Aisha disagrees with you, she said she had never seen a woman suffering as much as a believing (i.e. Muslim woman), Sahih Al Bukhari 5825

Once again, what are you doing in Islam Sanaa?



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