Straw man and ad hominem my friend...

And don't know if you realise the absurdity of classing the Torah as exegesis of scripture, when it is in fact scripture? No?

The Torah, FYI, is not a moral code for Christians or even Jews today. Maybe do some basic...very basic reading up of Christ's death/resurrection and its implications. If the Torah is gone and the Talmud is based on the Torah, where does that leave the Talmud? And what business do Gentiles (non Jews) have with the Talmud in any case?

Anyway, appreciate the insult, the good Lord bless you. I also notice your deafening silence on where Jesus recognised abortion or how the verses you quote reference a foetus or how Jewish practices are supposed to be the gold standard for Christians.

Support child murder all you want, but don't drag Jesus, the Torah or the Bible as a whole into it.

Take care



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A.B. Melchizedek

Crusader for the truth of the gospel and the logical coherence within the context of the scriptural worldview.