Thank you for your constructive comment Madison and the grace you've shown in not assuming the article was deceptive.

However you seem to think I assume Jesus spoke English and He said the word fornications. No, it's pornea like you said and I think your opinion in saying the word does not encompass a wide range of sexual activity is a minority one among the scholars... Its literally where we get our English word "pornography" from...and I don't think anyone would argue that's not a perversion of sex...

However, assuming you are right about the word pornea, let's me in fact concede you are totally right...that's not my argument at's just one response that has been given, which while I see some merit in, I think there is a more straightforward answer, which I go ahead to explain in the rest of the article (being under the law and the topic just never having to come up).

Hope that makes sense?

Thanks again



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A.B. Melchizedek

Crusader for the truth of the gospel and the logical coherence within the context of the scriptural worldview.