A.B. Melchizedek
3 min readOct 13, 2023
Photo credit: Wall Street Journal

As news filtered in of the devastating and barbaric attack of the Islamic Resistance Force (HAMAS) on Israel. The rational mind after processing their emotions must have asked, “What exactly is the play here?”. Anyone with half a brain knows Israel has the military capacity to obliterate HAMAS. Why did HAMAS embark on this suicide mission? And more importantly why was HAMAS and its citizenry celebrating and marking this as an important victory?

A number of probabilities were put forward. Was this just an act of pure hatred for the Jews? If so, what was motivating this level of hate? Yes, there is an element of hatred of Jews courtesy the Islamic injunctions which HAMAS itself cited in its 1988 charter and its leaders have cited the Quran as a war-cry during the attack. The Islamic motivations of this attack have been covered in another article and it is not the intention to rehash this here. This would explain the motivation for the attack but not necessarily the celebration afterwards.

Was this because of the body count? Arguably this cowardly sucker punch is the most successful HAMAS has been in all previous wars against Israel. Was this the reason for the celebration though? Not really

I believe the reason for the celebrations is that HAMAS had Israel on a kind of checkmate. No matter the play Israel makes, it cannot and will not win the case in the court of popular opinion. How?

Now the attacks were clearly a ploy to provoke and gaud Israel. If Israel did not react then the cry among HAMAS and its cronies would have been “Allahuakbar! We have terrorised the Jews and they are so weak they did nothing! We are victorious! Allahuakbar!”

If Israel responded, then the guilt tripping of the entire world would have commenced. “Oh Gaza is a densely populated area! The Israelis are killing our women and children!” Now bear in mind, this same HAMAS has called its population a “Jihad loving population”. They instruct their civilians not to leave areas where Israel have given advanced notice of destruction. They set up their terrorist basis amidst civilians, in the midst of hospitals and schools. Despite all this, when there is retaliation from Israel as expected then HAMAS begins to play the victim (oh the wicked Jews have bombed our hospitals and schools!) and Israel is demonised on the international scene and further demonised among HAMAS’ own already heavily Anti-Semitic population.

Israel loses no matter what it does. Either it does nothing and is ridiculed by the terrorists or it responds and is demonised to the world by the very same terrorists. One has to marvel at the demonic genius of HAMAS.

The truth is HAMAS cares nothing about its citizens. It uses them as human shields and very intentionally puts them in the line of fire. The citizens are pawns in HAMAS’ very deadly game, the ultimate aim of which is to commit genocide against the Jews.

The international community has unfortunately fallen for this HAMAS ruse by tossing buzzwords like “humanitarian” and “War crime” around. HAMAS did not seem to give a crap about that when it pilloried, plundered, kidnapped and raped innocent civilian Jews.

Irony is the world is now forced to feel sorry for the very people who just days ago were celebrating HAMAS with chants of “Allahuakbar!” and spitting on corpses of the Jews. These are the people whose welfare we should be worried about. The very people who HAMAS themselves would hide behind when war comes knocking.

This is why HAMAS celebrated. It celebrated because it checkmated Israel and as far as the court of public opinion both within and outside Gaza is concerned, Israel is possibly fighting a losing battle. On the real battle-field however, the world must now wait with bated breath to see the full extent of Israel’s response as it decides to what extent to listen to the outside voices calling for “peace” and “civility” with HAMAS’ palpable genocidal ambitions.



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